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Equine therapy sessions are inclusive of a combination of tools and skills best suited to the benefit of each horse.  


Equipulse technology


Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a type of magnetic therapy whereby a pulsed electromagnetic field is delivered into the body of living things via delivery coils at predetermined frequencies.  This magnetic field initiates a cascade of chemical reactions throughout the body. PEMF can be beneficial for treating bone fractures, inflammation and arthritis, pain, edema, and chronic wounds and more.  Contraindications do exist. 

*If being used for rehabilitation during injury or illness, veterinary referral is recommended. 

For further reading & reference: Veterinary applications of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy - ScienceDirect

pemf flow.jpg


Certified Equine Thermal Imaging Specialist

Thermography is a non-invasive imaging tool that allows our eyes to see the surface temperature of the equine which is representative of the physiological state of the animal.  Thermography is a valuable tool for aiding in rapid diagnosis of injuries & lameness when used with other imaging modalities such as ultrasonography and radiography.  Thermography is also valuable for monitoring training, rehabilitation, pre-purchase exams and pre-competition evaluation.  I currently hold a globally recognized Level 1 certification through the Infrared Training Center with ongoing equine thermography training through Equitherm. 

*Thermography is NOT a stand alone diagnostic tool, we cannot diagnose or treat any conditions. 



Equivibe offers whole body vertical vibration.  Our Equivibe is a dual plate unit large enough to accommodate horses of all sizes and offers intensity ranges from 10-60Hz.  Use of this therapy and duration of sessions are individualized based on the horse's needs, response and goal of use.  Contraindications do exist. 

*If using for rehabilitation, veterinarian referral is recommended. 


Whole body vertical vibration, 10-60Hz


Cordless, quiet & comfortable equine nebulizers

Flexineb® is a portable equine nebulizer trusted by equine professionals around the world for fast, safe and effective transfer of medication for respiratory conditions in horses. It operates silently and without the inconvenience of cumbersome hoses and electrical cords.  How does it work? With state-of-the-art components and an unparalleled design, the Flexineb® produces a very fine mist of aerosolized drug at the perfect particle size for direct delivery and maximum effectiveness. It has been proven in veterinary clinics and barns around the globe in treatments with antibiotics, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, mucolytics and natural oils.  We offer a unit for use and are also distributors, contact us for purchasing details!


This is a process using a check point system to find the weakened energies in a horse then use herbs to support the systems in order to bring the horse back into balance.  Equine Natural Care® strives to promote optimal equine wellness by offering a complete line of naturally derived herbal equine blends. We pair herbal support with the Equine Energetic Evaluation® process so that the individual animal can have access to the blends it needs in the order that provides the most benefit.  

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