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July 9, 2019

First trial of Clarity! 

27 minute window from administration to results

Clarity was formulated in response to the need of the equine industry, not discipline specific, to support horses through times of stress and performance that allows them to process their surroundings without becoming dull or losing their "fire."


Our approach was to address the microbiome of the gut first with probiotic strains that support the microbiota-gut-brain-axis as well as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.  These type of probiotics are classified as psychobiotics and have been studied for their affect on anxiety and depression.  We combined these carefully selected probiotic strains with herbs known for their ability to help:


*aid in digestion

*antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

*reducing sense of fatigue, anxiety and depression

*immune support  

*source of beta-glucans

*source of polyphenol

*source of polysaccharides, peptides, and triterpenoids


We identified the need of owners to find something that worked because it wasn't like anything else on the market!  Clarity has been used to support horses competing in barrel racing, the show ring and even for those struggling to get through one ride on their horse without bucking or not being able to focus enough to walk in a straight line.  Clarity has also been used in breakaway and tie down roping with positive results.

When are some circumstances that we recommend using Clarity?


*pre-bodywork/therapy sessions

*competition, riding

*for recovery

*for horses in training 

When should I administer Clarity?

It is recommended to administer one dose 45-60 minutes prior to activity. We recommend only one dose per 24 hour time period. 

Does Clarity contain ingredients that are prohibited?

According to the USEF Guidelines & Rules for Drugs and Medications, and under the "Cautions Against the Use of Herbal/Natural Products" and further defined by the list of prohibited herbs, NO Clarity does not contain any prohibited substances. 

Reference: drugs-medications-guidelines (

We are currently exploring FEI guidelines, their stance on supplements including the use of herbs can be found here. 

FEI Warning re Supplement Use - 19 December 2015_0.pdf

Has Clarity had any formal testing? 

Clarity has been lab tested at Midwest Laboratories in Omaha, Nebraska to ensure that we are providing viable (living) organisms. 


Clarity comes packaged in a 60CC oral syringe containing three 20CC doses.  



*patent application is in process. 

"Hi! I haven't gotten the chance to text you but I've never seen Red so calm.  Red is a very hot and anxious horse.  You can only run him once in a day or he'll just blow everything and we are slowly bringing him back from being blown up.  We had a race yesterday where we HAD to make 3 runs and I was real worried about how crazy he would get...but he DIDN'T and that is 100% because of this product, I need more of this!" 

"I gave my gelding with the alley issues the supplement and he WALKED in there to win 3rd in the 2D!  This stuff works!  I've tried so many supplements and nothing has worked like this one!"

"My gelding was absolutely horrible to take to races.  He was great to ride anywhere else but took the fun out of barrel racing for me as he would repeatedly slam my leg into the gates/alleys/and arena fence lines.  After having the blood vessels in my leg and muscle torn repeatedly I had had enough.  I had tried Gear Down, CalmX, all of them and Clarity had my boy walking level headed into the arena and out.  It's easy to dose and 100% worth the money.  My gelding had no problem with the taste but hated Gear Down's flavor.  I 100% believe in this product and will keep coming back for more!"

"I was looking for your message thread so I could ask you how I can purchase some of the Clarity because I used it yesterday!  He was so much better than he was two weeks ago.  He didn't have any diarrhea and he didn't have any of the anxiety that he had the last time I took him!  Third barrel kind of struggled but that's my fault because he has stifle issues and he's not 100% legged up.  It was only like a 20 person race but we still won first in the 2D!"

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