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Introducing the Veredus Carbon Gel Vento, the ultimate choice for equine athletes in need of superior protection during performance. These high-quality boots are made with carbon reinforced strike plates, ensuring unparalleled protection in the areas of the equine limb that matter most. The innovative venting technology keeps the horse's limbs cooler, preventing overheating during intense workouts or competitions. With the Veredus Carbon Gel Vento, you can trust that your horse is receiving top-notch protection and support, allowing them to perform at their best. Invest in the best for your equine partner and choose the Veredus Vento for unbeatable quality and performance.


In 2015, Scott Brash became the first Grand Slam winner in history! To achieve the Grand Slam Title a rider has to win three events - CHIO Aachen, CSIO Spruce Meadows, and CHI Geneva.
Veredus honors this coveted title by offering the Grand Slam collection featuring gold accented decal and logos


Veredus Carbon Gel Vento - Grand Slam

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    Double Ventilation System releases heat build-up by channeling the heat away from the horse's leg.

    • Semi Rigid-PU™- Anatomic dual density shell provides the highest level of protection while allowing for freedom of movement and providing maximum support and ultimate comfort
    • Carbon Fiber™-Provides the highest level of impact protection in strike zones.
    • Nitrexgel™- Shock absorbing gel reduces the transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%.
    • AEROX®-Vented neoprene lining provides the highest level of ventilation with shock absorption.
    • 3D Ducted Mesh™- Channels heat away.
    • AquaShell™- Provides waterproof protection and will not absorb moisture.
    • Quick-Release Tip™- Allow extremely fast yet secure hooking and unhooking with one hand.
    • EZCare™- Easily hand washable in cold water.

    Made in Italy.

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