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Introducing the Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Open Front Boots, designed for superior protection in equine sports. With the use of kevlar fiber, these boots offer ultimate protection of the lower equine limb, ensuring your horse stays safe during training and competitions. The innovative design of the Vento boots also provides ventilation to prevent overheating, further protecting the limb. With Veredus, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are choosing a brand known for high-quality, durable products that prioritize the safety and well-being of your horse. Give your equine athlete the protection they deserve with the Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Open Front Boots.

Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Open Front Boots

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    The Kevlar® Gel Vento™ is a tendon boot which includes a Kevlar protective layer

    This synthetic material is lightweight, impact resistant, hard wearing and is five times stronger than steel. The horse’s limb is also protected by a Nitrexgel™ shock absorber film, positioned at the back of the boot.

    • Semi Rigid-PU™- Anatomic dual density shell provides the highest level of protection while allowing for freedom of movement and providing maximum support and ultimate comfort
    • Nitrexgel™- Shock absorbing gel reduces the transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%.
    • AEROX®-Vented neoprene lining provides the highest level of ventilation with shock absorption.
    • 3D Ducted Mesh™- Channels heat away.
    • AquaShell™- Provides waterproof protection and will not absorb moisture.
    • Quick-Release Tip™- Allow extremely fast yet secure hooking and unhooking with one hand.
    • EZCare™- Easily hand washable in cold water.

    Made in Italy.

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